Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A White Christmas

Officially it started snowing during Christmas dinner in SC, but at home in NC it was full-on White Christmas. These photos are of Boxing Day, so I guess it was a WHite Boxing Day. Asher loved the snow the most! Check-out his new hat. My friend Miss Geraldine knitted it especially for Asher. Great fit!

Dinner Time

Mimi made Arawen, Asher and I special train cookies for dessert. I thought mum was trying to take mine, but she was just taking a photo. Paws off!

MiMi and Mum get into the christmas cracker spirit!

Daddy enjoys an old English tradition, reminds him of childhood. My crown was too big, I ripped it off before mum got a photo.

Good Company is Really the Best Present

Playing the keyboards with Uncle Harvest
Uncle Chad and Aunt Brandi

Cousins Arawen and Asher

MiMi and Mum sporting Christmas colors

The Perfect Christmas Dinner Table Setting

Mimi did almost all the work. Mum takes credit for the Christmas Crackers.
Of course the food was better than the decorations, but the decor was gorgeous, and a lakeside view too!

Presents for Mommy & Daddy

Daddy got creative this year and gave mommy a shot, which sound horrible to me, but she seemed happy. It's an allergy shot. It's hard to tell in the photo, but dad is pretending to give mum the shot himself, with the syringe from my play doctors set. Mum got Dad the very warm and cozy hat and a new woolie jumper (not pictured). He also got new jeans from Mimi and new slacks from Aunt Brandi, seems he needed a new wardrobe.

I got dad a new "shop mug." It's personalized and has photos of me on it, the perfect gift:)

One More Present Under the Tree

Christmas Day in Anderson, SC

The jackpot continued into the next morning. It was snowing outside, and inside too! Snowing pressies inside that is! How did one little boy get to be so lucky?
Videos from New Zealand! I LOVE videos, thanks Grandma and Grandpa Coadwell. I also got a cool new hooodie but I didn't sit still for mum to take the photo, but she said she'd get one later for you all. Thanks so much for sending presents all the way from NZ, I love them and I love you more!

Daddy reading me one of my favorite library books, "Who Is Driving?" I now have my very own copy, yeah!

Awesome, a racetrack! Thanks Mimi and Pop-Pop!

I very much enjoy opening presents, regardless of what is inside!

Christmas Eve Toys

Let's just say, I hit the jackpot! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Layton.
Mickey Mouse Race Track
Toy Story Racetrack, do you see a trend forming?

Daddy stealing my mobile train track set.

Me getting it back!

My Pillow Pal Panda, which now lives in my crib.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Aunt Jadyn and "soon to be Uncle" Brian

All the ladies in the house on Christmas Eve.
The engaged couple. I'm going to be in their wedding, my first ring bearer job. Still waiting to know when the wedding will take place. We know it will be in Pennsylvania, sometime this year.

The "kids". Missed you Aunt Brandi, Uncle Chad and Unlce Jerry.

Aunt Jadyn and Brian are exceptional gift givers so I needed to give them great big hugs! I got this really cool Thomas mobile train track with a Spencer engine, a Thomas video, and a Curious George video. She knows me so well.

Christmas Eve with Grandma and Grandad Layton

We got up to the big house on the hill around 5:30pm Christmas Eve. Jadyn and Brian were there, along with Chanley, Harvest and Arawen. It was a great visit as you will see in the next few photos. This first set of pictures is dedicated to Grandma and Grandad, thanks for the hugs and kisses! I need headphones to watch T.V., just like Grandad.

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Wearing festive red.

More hugs.

Ahh, so sweet!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

So Tuesday was the last day of school for the year, and later that night we did the whole Festival of Lights thing. Then Wednesday we had the big outing to the Grove Park, and on THursday I helped mum wrap lots of pressies, and now here it is Christmas Eve. One more sleep til the big man in red arrives. All morning I've been telling mum that "Santa is packing his sleigh." And today mom has been packing us up to go do the Christmas rounds. Dinner with Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Jaydn and Brian then a night drive, just like Santa, to SC. My only wish is that I could visit with Grandpa and Grandma Coadwell, Auntie Denise, Uncle CHris, Hayden, Blair and Virginia. We miss you even more during the holidays. We hope that Santa is kind to each of you and that our parcels arrived safe and sound. Daddy says we will get to talk with you on the phone tonight or tomorrow. I love you! Merry Christmas! Talk soon!
P.S. Cousin Lin gave me this sweater last year for Christmas, or my bday, can't remember. It finally fits and I love it! Thanks Lin, and Rod! It's perfect for wearing when I'm hanging around the house, poppin' popcorn!

The Grove Park Inn Holiday "Show"

The Grove Park Inn is a big fancy hotel on the hill in Asheville. They really know how to do it up for the holiday season as you will see in the next set of posts. I think mum and I are officially feeling like we took full advantage of the holiday season this week before Christmas. Bring on Santa now I say!

Gingerbread Houses and Friendly Snowmen

The lines to view the Gingerbread Houses was longggggg, so mom sneaked a few snapshots just to prove we did see some. I liked the one in the front with the bear and the honey. Mom liked the one in the second photo, in the back to the right of the barn and tractor. It's amazing what can be done with candy! Personally I prefer to eat it, not play with it, but different strokes for different folks.

I cuddled up with this giant snowman in the gift shop. Soft and cuddly, and luckily, not made of snow!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dashing Through the Snow

The Grove Park has this awesome sleigh that you can sit in and pretend to drive reindeer, including Rudolph himself. I took three trips in the sleigh, unaware of the que.

My Favorite Trees at the Grove Park Inn

We went up to the big house on the hill Wednesday afternoon with our friend Mai to see the annual ginerbread house competition. It's much more the candy houses though. The place is decked out in holiday decor. I had lots of fun. Here are some shots of my favorite trees. This side of the hotel wasn't as crowded. It's kind of hidden away.
The "owl" tree...who, who, who, wouldn't like this one?

The "peacock" tree, my favorite by far.