Monday, December 28, 2009

This One is for Aunt Brandi

I brought the Panthers some luck yesterday wearing my nifty jersey. They spanked the NY Giants like 41-9. Wish they had scored that many points every Sunday! If they aren't careful they could end the season with a 500 record.

The Day After Christmas Crazies

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day Fun

Christmas Day was full of good times and first times. I had my first go's at table tennis and Connect Four. I still prefer billiards though. Daddy and Uncle Harvest had it out Boxing on Aunt Brandi's Wii, which made for many laughs. Daddy won, FYI. Another first was for Grandma. She cooked Christmas dinner with limited power sources. We lost power Christmas Eve due to some pretty narly wind. Luckily they have a generator, but it has its' limits. The oven being one of those. She served a five course meal using a convection oven microwave, a toaster oven and a stove top. I thought it was all quite tasty and I loved the candlelight dinner (the lights in the dining room were out). So that is Christmas 2009. You may not hear from me until next year-so CHEERS!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Favorite Present

Can you believe this present is NOT from New Zealand? My Aunt Chanley found this awesome kiwi bird hoodie in Asheville. I love it! Great find Aunt Chan!

Christmas Day 2009

Oh, Christmas morning was magical. The tree, the stockings, the snow, and so many family members in one spot. I love playing with my cousins, Arawen and Asher and posing for photos with Grandma and Grandad. I got some goodies from Santa in my stocking, although it seems Santa forgot to put in the candy like he did for Arawen and Asher, hummmm....

Christmas Eve

Mum, Dad and I joined Grandaddy and Grandma at their church for the children's service thus my fancy duds. We then headed-up the hill, which given the recent snowfall was not bad at all. They have the most beautiful tree, taller than daddy. Like the sideways view? Before I got all snuggled into bed in the hopes that St. Nick would soon be there, I got to shoot some pool. I love playing with the pool balls. In fact I like to say the word "ball" over and over and over again. Stay tuned for news on Christmas Day.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa Comes to Lake Hartwell

I bet you'd love to know what Santa was whispering in my ear. Well, I'm not going to tell or else, you know what will happen-the Naughty List- Gasp! I will give you one little hint though, he really does see everything and he doesn't forget, that song doesn't lie.

Christmas #1

Well we braved the treacherous weather conditions and made it over the mountain and down into Mimi and Pop-Pops neck of the woods for an early Christmas celebration. I am so happy to have made it there because a really awesome Radio Flyer Red Wagon was there waiting for me under the tree-Yipee! I LOVE it. I got to give Mimi her present too. Made special just for her. Merry Christmas to all my loved ones in the Southern Hemisphere. Santa is headed your way as we speak. I still have two more sleeps till more pressies under another tree. Bet he can't beat my wagon though.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Caught in the Act

Caught looking under the tree at the pressies. I hope Santa doesn't get wind of this!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Staying Close to Stay Warm

We all wore our warmest hats for our walk in the snow. My hat was hand-knitted by my lovely friend Geraldine. Mommy held the camera in the air and took a photo of the three of us. Fun!

Saturday Morning

We woke-up Saturday morning to quite the winter wonderland. Daddy opened the front door and what to our wondering eyes did appear, but a drift of snow as tall as me! Daddy was a shovelling fool for the next three hours, no kidding! Mommy helped too as she was anxious to get to Mimi's house for the holiday party. The main roads were fine, but getting down to the hwy. was our greatest challenge. But before we got to busy, we headed out for a walk in the snow. Daddy made sure I was all bundled up because, man, that stuff is cold. I don't think the horsies liked it very much either. But I admit it was very beautiful.

Friday, December 18, 2009

First Snow of the Season

I can't say I'm actually overly excited about all the white stuff falling from the sky as it's keeping me from getting to my Mimi and Pop-Pop's house for a holiday celebration. I want my pressies! I hope the sky stops throwing this sticky, wet, slippery, cold gunk down on my head soon. Mommy says she wouldn't mind it next weekend as a "White Christmas" could be fun and we might be able to sled at Grandaddy's place. We'll see.

Llama Love

Last Saturday we bundled up and headed out to the Whimsical Women's Art Sale. Don't worry, they let boys in to, and llamas! I was trying to pet this guy but he wasn't being cooperative. Oh well. Although it was cold that day, it's not nearly as bad as TODAY. It's snowing hard. I haven't even gotten outside to take a photo yet, but stay tuned. BTW, I had my one year doc. appt. Dec. 9th and I am now 20 lbs. 3 oz, smaller than our Thanksgiving Day turkey, for all those who participated in that guessing game.

Monday, December 7, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Not sure what to make of the old man in the red outfit, but I sat there on his lap cause mommy seemed to think it was super exciting and wanted to take a picture. I did like all the fun decorations at the Festival of Trees though. Quite festive!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bon Voyage Grandma & Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa departed Charlotte Douglas International Airport on Friday, December 4th after a lovely last meal with Aunt Brandi and Uncle Chad. Mommy received an email and 36 hours later they arrived home, welcomed by Auntie Denise, a bit tired, but excited about getting into their summer garden. I miss Grandma and Grandpa already. The back seat of the car is now quite boring. Glad you made it home safe and sound. I love you both- Rion L. Coadwell

Saturday, December 5, 2009

You Say It's Your Birthday

"You say it's your birthday, (dununuh), well it's my birthday too (dunununuh)" Mommy likes that song. Here I am posed with the owner and Chef of Marco's Trattoria, Mark. He's a French guy whom Daddy likes to talk rugby with, plus he buys our gelato, and he creates some pretty awesome food, like my birthday dinner for instance. It just happens that his birthday is the 30th of November too. So I guess he cooked his own birthday dinner that night too. Thanks Mark and I'll get you an All Blacks T-shirt so you can be like me and Daddy.

Birthday Party Guests

It was so fun to have my good buddies over to celebrate my first year of life. Cousin Arawen and Miles helped me open presents and Greysen helped me blow out the candle on my cake. Colbourn and Adeline come late and brought me a fun piano like toy that everyone enjoyed. Thanks friends! Oh, I need to mention that I had not one, but two sets of grandparents at my party. The Coadwell's and the Layton's. I'm one lucky little guy.

My First Birthday Cake

Mommy made this real yummy first birthday cake for me full of good for ya stuff like whole wheat flour, wheat germ, carrots, applesauce, ground raisins and cinnamon. I swear, if no one told me there was no sugar I wouldn't have believed them.

Birthday Presents from New Zealand

Thanks Auntie Denise for my super fun Kokako toy. I love the sound that it makes. To quote, "it's haunting organ like notes are unique." I now have three NZ bird toys that make noises. I beleive that means I have myself a collection going on. Much love to you and the cuzzies- Rion AKA The Birthday Boy

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

I look like I'm picketing in this photo. "Say YES to Birthdays"; "Pro Birthday or Bust." The first time is the best time, although I hear the 21st birthday is pretty fun too. Oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY today, Aunt Brandi! And Cousin Blair, happy belated birthday. Many great people born in one short week.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Beautiful Thanksgiving Meal

My first turkey was perfect. I loved the juicy meat. Mimi makes a mean bird! She also is a master at setting a table. We sat lakeside at a beautifully decorated table, complete with a pumpkin vase filled with her own flora, name settings, and candles. The sun shimmered off the lake and the fall leaves shined brilliantly. It was perfect. Thanks Mimi. Next up, Christmas-yeah!

Thanksgiving Games

Thanksgiving Day was gorgeous and sunny. We all got outside for some fun and games. The Coadwell clan took on Ladder Ball before joining Jose/Pop-Pop for a very competitive game of Corn Hole. Aunt Brandi and Mommy enjoyed the entertainment, and the cold beers from the "bleachers."