Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tree Hugger I.

Mum insisted on a photo shoot. I just wanted to climb the tree, but apparently she wanted to take photos. It was a very nice tree.


It has been an extremely mild winter to say the least here in Western NC, but we were able to find a sign of winter in the forest the other day, icicles. We actually searched far and wide to find these icicles and I was quite excited when I spotted them nestled against some rocks in a shady spot below a wee creek. I've been wanting to snow as Santa brought me a sled for Christmas, but have not found any. There is a ski field my pal Gus told me about that makes snow, so we may just have to journey there to get a piece of the white stuff.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fish Galore

The Fish Hatchery

Mom, dad and I headed out to the Fish Hatchery in Pisgah Forest one brisk Monday afternoon. We had the place to ourselves pretty much, for the exception of one fly fisherman trying his luck on the Davidson River. The fish were plentiful and active. I assume they are hungrier this time of year since there are less visitors feeding them. Dad and I fed them plenty!

John of "John's Rock" poses with me and daddy.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pirate BIrthday Party

I went to a Pirate Birthday Party for my friend Wayah last week and had a blast. I'm not exactly showing off my pirate booty in these photos, but I am showing off my awesome wool jersey from Auntie Denise and winter coat from Grandma and Grandpa Coadwell. Ahoy there maties!

Construction Zone

Our house became a construction zone last night. I was the contractor and daddy did most of the heavy lifting. We started in the lounge and expanded into my bedroom with the deluxe one-story condo. I think I may be taking after Cousin Hayden, I've got building skills!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Where's Rion?

Rubgy Seven's

We were so excited when we found out the Rugby 7's tournament being played in Las Vegas was going to be televised on regular TV. We weren't overly excited about the final outcome of course!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

East Fork Farm

East Fork Farm has more than just lambs as you will see in the following photos. I think I'd like to live on a farm. There is never a lack of activity!

Looking for the donkey.

Chickens! Lots and lots of chickens!

Bunny rabbits. I guess they are pretty good eatin' around these parts.

Baby chicks chillin' under the lights.

Lamb Life

On a very clear, crisp and brisk Thursday afternoon, mommy and I followed our pal Dr. Mike to East Fork Farm in Madison County, NC (north of Asheville). Dr. Mike friends' Dawn and Steve own this farm and invited us up to visit with all the new lambs. Apparently many, many have been born this month. We didn't see any actually being born, but we did get to feed a couple of cuties. Mom says I'm a natural, ready for the sheep farms in New Zealand.

Rion Had a Little Lamb

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Treats from Abroad

A HUGE THANKS to Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, AKA Sheila and Derek, for sending me this fun hat from New Zealand! It was such a great surprise! I love receiving parcels from abroad especially ones that are sent with love. Mum likes that it matches my red fleece vest. Thanks again, I will wear my beanie with pride!

Super Bowl XLVI

SuperBowl Sunday was perfect! Blue skies and sunshine. Hard to believe it's February, at least in the Northern Hemisphere! We spent the morning getting ready for the party. Mommy called it "The NOT-SO-SUPER Bowl Party" since none of our teams were playing. But we had a party regardless, a good excuse to strike-up the grill, use our new fire pit and play some corn hole.

Jandals and short-sleeve jersey's, nice!

BBQ hot wings, rack of ribs and a split breast turkey, all on the grill. Daddy is the master!

Eli finds a seat near the fire.

Me, Wylie and Broden in the sandbox.

A true Giants fan, wearing an Eli Manning jersey. The Giants beat the Patriots 21-17, if anyone is interested.

Big Foot

I thought mommy's shoes would be better for chasing the cat, you know, the bigger the better!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Teddy "Richie"

"Go All Blacks!"
(I always pump my fist and make a strong man arm when I say this)

Me and Richie wore matching shirts to school last week for the Teddy Bears Picnic. The teachers were so impressed that my Teddy has not only a first name but a last as well and that I always call him by both, "Richie McCaw." (daddy told me how to spell this)

After school, Richie and I climbed my favorite tree outside of the school building, "the monkey tree." Richie is a great climber for a teddy bear.

Uh, oh, Richie is falling. Help me mommy, catch Richie before he hits the ground, he can't afford to get injured. Mommy! Put down the camera and help me!!!

I saved him myself and I'm not happy that mommy didn't help me! Poor Richie.

Captain America

A Second Christmas

Grandma and Grandad Layton came over to spend some time with me before heading to Florida and they brought me presents, lots of presents, from Aunt Jadyn and Uncle Brian. It was like Christmas all over again! I got Captain America. He has a shield and he talks. I love him very much. Thanks Aunt Jadyn and Uncle Brian, you are both swell!