Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Birth Announcement

On Thursday, the 19th of May, at approximately 3:45pm, Vesta Victoria Mays Cleveland was born...IN MY DRIVEWAY! I kid you not, although I must admit I was not present for the birth as I was napping, but my mum was present seconds after Vesta arrived, in fact, she called 9-1-1- to get some help. I'm a bit peaved at missing out on seeing the ambulance and emergency workers in my own driveway. My pals Atlas, Odin and Argo were lucky enough to witness the excitement and told me it was pretty cool. Of course they were a bit worried for their mum and new baby sis, but were brave and got through the chaos unscathed. My mum on the otherhand....

These don't look like your midwives Aleshka!

Papa Peyre and baby Vesta pose for the camera on our front stoop. Mom and baby are happy and healthy. After Vesta finally got to the hospital, she weighed in at 7 lbs. 12 oz. and 22 inches long. She had a bit of jaundice her second day, but is all better, at home and lovin' life with 3 older brothers.

Our driveway was jam packed that afternoon.

Big Boy Bed

So mum has finally made some real progress getting my downstairs room set-up and ready for the summer. The upstairs loft area is an inferno all summer but the two bedrooms downstairs stay relatively cool, so we all decided it was time to make a move down. Of course, I don't think the room is really cool enough for me. I had to strip off all my clothes after mum left the room to get really comfortable for my nap.

Clothes are over-rated anyways.

I don't recall giving mum my permission to take these photos!

My bed might be small, but my dad still fits. Here he is helping me get ready for bed. Thanks Aunt Brandi for the sheets! I love this color blue.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Strawberry Season

Our Monday morning hiking group hit up a different kind of trail last week, the strawberry trail. Yum. One for the basket, one for me, one for the basket, two for me....
Jamin, Odin, Noah and I found a big, tall pile of mulch that was perfect for playing, "King of the Hill."

We also played on some old, rusty farm equipment (sounds safe don't you think?) that was lying around near the strawberry patch. Needless to say the strawberry picking lost it's appeal fairly quickly.

Here is Aleshka picking strawberries with baby girl in the belly still. She is almost 2 weeks overdue at this point.

Jackpot, it's a tractor!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Fun with Play-Dough

This is my play-dough snail family along with my pal The Green Snowman.

This is my play-dough hot dog. I thought it was real funny to try and make mommy eat my hot dog.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day Complete

My mommy gave me lots of hugs on Mothers Day and I gave her lots of hugs right back. She said I was the reason she was a mommy and this makes her very happy. Apparently being a mom isn't the easiest job in the world, but the most worthwhile.
Much love to all the mom's in my life: MiMi, Grandma Layton, Grandma Coadwell, Auntie's Denise, Brandi, and Chanley, Gabby, Great-Grandma GiGi and Grandma Laura and all the Brevard Momma's who enrich our lives with friendship and love. I wish all the little boys and little girls around the world could be surrounded with as much love as I am. The world would be a better place for sure.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our First Bonfire

The first bonfire at 94 Cedar Haven Dr. was a great success!

Our friend Mai Wilson joined us for dinner and bonfire enjoyment.

Uncle Chad helps me with my marshmallow.

Daddy goes for a third round of lamb shanks as Arawen and I run around the fire.

Post Hike BBQ

After the big hike in the woods, we all assembled at my pad for appetizers, of course this was a fter a trip to the gelato shop. We watched the Kentucky Derby and when the horses were finished racing around the track, we sat down for a feast. Daddy made slow-cooked pulled pork and grilled lamb shanks. Mom made home-made coleslaw, corn-on-the-cob, baked beans, cornbread and roasted cauliflower. Aunt Brandi brought homemade mac-n-cheese w/broccoli and Aunt Chanley brought a delicious trifle with fresh strawberries. Afterwards we had a big bonfire as you will see in the next set of photos.

Uncle Chad tried to eat Baby Charlie for dessert!

(Charlie belongs to our friends Chris and Anna. We babysat him while his mom and dad worked on their house. We didn't tell his parents about him almost being eaten, so "mums" the word).
Daddy and Uncle Chad loved the lamb shanks and the red wine, lots!

Mother's Day Hike Continued

We ended our hike at the Pisgah Forest Riding Stables. All the horses were in their stalls having lunch so we got up close and personal. I love horses. I wish I could have ridden one!

A Mothers Day Hike

The Saturday before Mother's Day, Uncle Chad, Aunt Brandi, Asher and MiMi assembled in Brevard for a two day celebration of mom's. We had great weather and a great time. We took a lovely, leisurely hike on the Avery Creek Loop trail in the Pisgah Forest. Brandi and MiMi
Chanley and Arawen pose next to a Lady Slipper flower.

Hummmm...how did she get up there?

This photo is for Gandpa Layton. You may recognize this spot? You have a photo of me as a very little guy posing on this same exact log. I didn't exactly stand still this time though.

Hiking With Uncle Harvest

I wanted to take a moment and express my love for Uncle Harvest. I so much enjoy spending time with him when I have a chance. During the hike Saturday he showed me lots of fun things in the forest, like a duck "house." He is always there for a good hand hold too. Thanks Uncle Harvest!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's a Parade!

Making music and marching around the house with drum and keyboard. What a terrific impromptu parade!

Little Drummer Boys

Hooker Falls

The last day of spring break was spent at Hooker Falls in Dupont Forest. We has a lovely picnic near the falls with Cousin Arawen, Aunt Chanley, Miss Aleshka, Atlas, Odin and Argo. It was tons of fun!

Rock-hopping with Odin.

Posing in front of the falls with Arawen. Like my Crusaders tee?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Jones Park

After the gym, Gus, Geraldine mom and I went in search of a park, recommeded by Grandad Layton. After stopping for directions, we found it and boy, it was worth the wait! Gotta love a "new" park!

This park was built at the bottom of a steep hill. Felt like we were storming a castle like real Knights!

Look, an airplane!
(mommy's ploy to get Gus and I to look up from our yogurts, although she would rather we had looking at the camera).

Vrooooom, vroooooom!

Monky see, monkey do!

If you are wandering why I'm not wearing pants, it's because right when we got there I slid down a slide into a big puddle.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jumping Right In

Rope Swing

The Phoenix Gym Continued

Rope Swing and Climbing Wall

Pummel Horse

Giant Parachute

Foam Pit

What more could you possibly ask for? Ok, maybe a lollipop.