Wednesday, August 31, 2011

After-School Picnic

Rock Hoppin' with Nora.

David and Eli, younger members of our crew.

Me, Nora and Broden, walking down the river.

Rock Hoppin'

We had a picnic at Sycamore Flats on Friday in honor of our first completed week of pre-school. I enjoy school, but I like playdates in the forest even better.


I thought my hard hat was a safe home for this grasshopper.

There's pretty much nothing I like better than finding and catching creatures! One morning I woke-up to a grasshopper jackpot. There was at least 5 of these green creatures in the lavendar plant just outside our front door and they appeared to be in a friendly (or rather subdued) state of mind.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beach Activities

Playing chase, running after sea birds, digging tunnels in the sand for my trucks, flying kites, swimming, splashing, laughing, spending time with my family, being silly, finding shells, filling my bucket with sand, making angels in the sand, having mommy bury me in the sand, jumping over the waves, these are a few of my favorite things!

This concludes our Oak Island summer vacation. Thanks to MiMi for sending her photos, we now feel complete! Love to all following my blog.

Fried Shrimp

All MiMi asked for on our trip to the beach was fried shrimp. Simple request, we all thought, it is the beach after all. We ended-up in Southport at a restraurant called Fishy Fish Cafe, apparently the only other cafe in all of Oak. Is. and Southport that serves fried shrimp! We got a great table with a great view though and everyone's lunch was delicious. Our only eating out experience of the entire vacation.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Three of Us

These are the last two photos mom has of our beach vacation, but, MiMi has more. So, you will have the honor of a few more beach photos, two weeks later. Since the beach, I've started school and am loving it, but you will have to wait for those photos. Mom is determined to keep the beach going as long as possible. End of summer denial!


We met Collin and his dad near the tidal pool. They were surf fishing, successfully so. I was hoping they'd invite for lunch, but not so luck.

Tidal Pool: The Video

Tidal Pool

Our third morning at the beach, mom and I set out in seach of a tidal pool. We had to go about 2 miles to "the point", the very end of the island, were the intercoastal waterway feeds into the ocean to find one. Tidal pools are a bit more manageable for me when it comes to swimming. They are the perfect depth, there are shells and creatures to find, and yet, there are no, big waves to push me down. It was a lovely morning spent!

Before we got to the tidal pool, I just had to throw myself down on the sand and try to make a sand angel. The more sand in my hair, the better I say!

Yeah, tidal pool!

The tide was coming in and creating these little rivers that fed into the pool. I thought that was pretty neat.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Early Evening Photo Shoot

The after dinner hours at the beach are my favorite. The breeze is perfect, the temperature too, and the lighting fantastic! It makes me out- right giddy and open to posing for the camera.

Aquarium Creatures

Albino Alligator Bullfrog

Gar Fish

Five Turtles on a Log

A duck taking a swim in the aquarium fountain.

Southport to Ft. Fisher Ferry

On Tuesday we met up with Onca, Steve, Mia and Ella(Miss April's family who was staying in Holden Beach) in Southport, a small town about 7 miles from the beach, and caught the ferry over to Ft. Fisher in order to visit the NC Aquarium. Needless to say, it was quite exciting to drive our car ONTO a BOAT!!! I didn't know such a thing existed. The ferry ride was 35 minutes long, crossing the Cape Fear River (did you ever see the scary film Cape Fear with Robert Dinero? It's takes place in this area, FYI). We got out of our car and walked up to the passenger viewing platform. Great views!

I wore my special Shark Shirt for the trip to the aquarium. Appropriate, don't you think?

Hose Happy (and sad)

It's important to hose off the sand before going into the house. I found it fun to hose off myself and MiMi too!

MiMi cut off my water supply and I was NOT happy!

Clowning Around With Clothespins

Who knew clothespins could be so useful AND so entertaining at the same time?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Me and Amelia

Holden Beach

Mom's friend April and her daughter Amelia and her brother, sister-in-law and nieces were vacationing at a neighboring beach called Holden Beach. Mom and I went to visit them Monday morning and spent the afternoon playing with the girls. I'm not sure what they called this game, but the object was to jump over this large rubber band.

Goofing around with grapes during a snack break.

Fishing with a net, no luck that day.

Bringing the boogie board back in after a large wave tumbled over me and left me gassping for air. Did not prove to be my favorite beach activity.

Mom and April

Seaside Dining

Some of the best times spent at the beach occured during dinner time each evening. Who needed to go out when we had the best view on the beach, and a few of the best cooks too! The first night, MiMi whipped up some of Uncle Chuck's famous meatballs and a big salad. Delicious!

For the rest of the vacation it was all about seafood! Go figure!

I LOVE meatballs!

MiMi is sad beause I won't share my meatballs. Don't worry, I gave in and shared, I'm sucker for a woman in tears.

Popscicles for dessert. My favorite is the green lime flavor.