Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's a Small World After All

We hosted an American Memorial Day BBQ, and many Americans did attend, but what I found most interesting was the number of New Zealanders in attendance. Statistically speaking, there were quite a few. Starting from the left, there is Lars, who has an Australian accent, but who was born in NZ to a NZ father, but spent most of his life in AU. Next is Adam Brown (an honoree of the BBQ), who was born in AU to NZ parents, then moved to Queenstown and went to Uni in Dunedin. Then there is my daddy, born and raised in NZ to English parents, my grandparents. Barbie is holding me. She is Lars wife, an American who lived in AU for quite some time. She was quite cozy. I fell to sleep right in her arms, amongst all the mayhem of the party. Oh, I'm a big part kiwi, born in American, with hopes of visiting NZ soon. It's a small world after all. Oh, daddy did a fabulous job manning the grill. He told me to say that.

Mommy Speaks Out

Oh, that lovely "baby fat." It allowed me to compete in the Athena section of the Clemson Triathlon on May 16th. I placed 4th, just missing a 3rd place medal. Run, Fat Girl, Run (FYI, the English film, Run, Fat Boy, Run, is quite funny, Richard and I recommend it). My sister Chanley and I enjoyed the challenge on that rainy day, and I especially enjoyed the finish line. I hope that Rion is proud of his mommy, and I hope that he takes after his daddy in the running realm. The first step is inheriting his dad's legs, not his mother's! Next tri is tentatively scheduled for August. Hopefully I'll be able to compete in my age group. Oh, Chanley came in 32nd place overall. This was her first triathlon. We are very proud.

Carrot Face

I can't claim to be a "carrot top" but I can claim to be a carrot face. Yummy, carrots rock! P.S. Mommy said she couldn't pick which picture she liked best, so she uploaded both.

Friday, May 22, 2009

First Foods

What a special week I have had trying new foods for the first time. Yes, after weeks of chewing on empty spoons and grabbing Mom and Dad's plates to no avail, they have finally given me my very own food. Oh, thanks Aunt Brandi for the cool high chair, it's perfect! So far I've enjoyed sweet potatoes, sweet peas, rice cereal and a wee bit of avocado (I really would like more). I'm looking forward to trying carrots and applesauce in the near future. It's a brave new world. Oh, BTW, I did not eat fish contrary to the photo, that's just a fish book.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Friends in the Forest

Mommy says the flowers, the trees, the rocks and the wildlife of the forest are all my friends, but I think the best friend of all is my pal Gus. As you can see in the photo, HIS mommy let him play in the river. My mommy kept me all strapped in, not fair! Oh well, I did get to pose with the beautiful purple wildflowers on the Cat Gap Loop Trail. Mommy spied a hiding robin flower, aptly named.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Put Me in Coach

Softball season has started. It's my first season and so far so good, we are 1 and 1. My only complaint is that my bum is pretty darn warm from sitting on the bench! Put me in coach, I'm ready to play, today. Grandad is playing with us this year, as you can see in the photo. I think this will be the best season yet! Group Hug!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tickle, Tickle, Great Uncle Jack

Mother's Day at the Lake

We headed to Lake Hartwell for Mother's Day so Mommy could spend it with MiMi. Daddy and I spent lots of time together that day so mommy could play tennis and swim and the like. I wore my "I love Mommy" shirt of course, in honor of the special day. I didn't get in the big body of water you can see in the background, but I plan too soon. Mommy said it was the best Mother's Day she's ever had.

Frolicking With the Ferns

Me and Mommy went for a Friday evening hike in Pisgah Forest after a day of rain. She let me get down and dirty with just one of the many gorgeous ferns that are thriving in the forest this spring. She told me about the silver ferns in New Zealand and the tree ferns that MiMi loved on their tramp in the Queen Charlotte Sound. I loved the feel of the moss under my hands and the cool, muddy leaves on my feet. The Avery Creek trail is green and serene and the water features were surging.

Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me

Yes, that is a bug on my nose. Yes, my mommy chose to take a picture rather than swat that bug off of my face. Yes, she does get many laughs at my expense, each and every day.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sitting Up Unsupported

I woke up this morning and thought I'd try something new. I was feeling adventurous so I sat-up, all by myself. Well, daddy put me into position and then let go, and there I stayed, for almost a whole minute. It was a great way to start the day. I continued to practice throughout the day as you can see below.


I'm really getting the hang of this sitting up all by myself business. I can even read my book while I sit-up, pretty precious don't you think? I wonder how long I can go. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven..


Can't balance any longer, here I go, falling down, anyone going to help?

Monday, May 4, 2009

5 Months and 15 Pounds

I just got back from the doc's office for my 5 months old shots, which once again, I took like a man. I weighed in at 15 lbs and give or take a couple ounces. It's all about the number "5" these days as I like to wake-up now at 5am, at 5 months old and 15 lbs. Mom and Dad want to give me "five across the lips" at 5 am, but of course they don't, they just think about it. High Five to all my family and friends!