Friday, June 29, 2012

Sitting on the Dock of the Cove

 I took this picture of mom and dad.

 Baby Chanley took a nap, a long nap, on the dock.
We love to boat and swim, but a lot of the best times at the lake are right there on the dock, chilling out with family and friends.  Sorry it's taking me so long to post all the Father's Day photos. Time is of the essence these days.

Anchoring Down: The Video

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Anchoring Down

 Cousin Adam took us to this cool cove where we stopped the speed boat and anchored down, literally, here is a picture of the anchor.  There was a fun slope that Baelynn and I could run down, or slide down, and then jump into the water. We played here for quite a while. I loved the mud!!

Wind Bown Hair-do

Mom is obsessed with my curls, which apparently were more "full" after our hoon around on the speed boat.  Let's see how long she will let my hair go this summer.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Speed Boat

 Captain Rion and Captain Baelynn at your service!

 Isn't this the life?

 Feel the breeze...go faster Cousin Adam.
Mommy gets to water ski, check-out her slalom style. 

Paddle Boats

 Daddy in his element.

 I kind of slacked-off so dad had to move into the middle and paddle both sides in order to get us back to the dock.
 Mum and Dad doing all the work in the top and bottom photo. Baelynn had the wonderful idea of getting out and holding onto the rope and letting mum and dad pull her behind the paddleboat.  She is ready to water ski, a pure natural!

We headed to Lake Hartwell for Fathers Day this year, luckily, as it was a gorgeous day to be on the water. We spent most the day on Uncle Jack and Aunt Brenda's dock partaking in several activities. We paddled two different types of boats as you can see in the photos.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fathers Day Preparations

Father's Day is always the second Sunday in June is the USA.  I painted him a picture for his present.n I worked very hard, choosing my colors purposely and focused for a good hour.  It's not the cleanest activity, but it certainly allows me to get my creative juices going. I couldn't wait until Sunday to give daddy his painting so I gave it to him when he got home from work this evening and he loved it! It now lives on our refrigerator until mum can get a proper frame.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tough Guy

Like my new tattoo? Don't I look tough? Like Matt Dillion as Dallas in the movie The Outsiders kind of tough!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Mad Mountain Mud Run

 Squeaky Clean Squirrels waiting in line to register.
 Mom, Geraldine, Perry, Aleshka, Emilie, Shannon, Janna and Nora
 Dirty, Filthy White Squirrels

I guess mum and her friends are mad enough? A question she is constantly asking me, but I always answer "no!" I'm particulary mad these days when she won't turn on the tv or play be a video on the computer!

On Sunday, mom and seven other Brevard mommas dressed-up as White Squirrels and participated in a  fundraiser for the Hands On! Childrens Museum in Hendersonville. The event was called the Mad Mountain Mud Run and apparently fun was had by all, especially mommy's squirrely crew. They were trying to win Best Costume for their "Dirty White Squirrel" rendition, but they got beat out by some gnarly chickens.   Mom didn't get a group "dirty" photo, but there are some on Facebook.

Tuesdays at the Cradle

 One of my favorite things to do the in the spring, summer and fall is to go to the Cradle of Forestry on Tuesdays (it's free that day).  Here I am posing on the "horse" log with pals Jack, Benj and Sam.  The bottom photo is me ringing the bell on the giant steam engine.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Giant Indoor Bubbles: The Video

Giant Indoor Bubbles

 "I'll HUFF and I'll PUFF and I'll blow a giant bubble!

Tour de France Here I Come

Rainy Day Activities Continued

 A regular Piccaso!
OR perhaps Lance Armstrong...or maybe both:)

Important Announcement

We interrupt this blog post to bring you a very important announcement:  Mom just received a call from Kim and Shirley from Invercargill, New Zealand, yes, that is correct, they have made contact, miracles do exist!  It was a great surprise, so wonderful to hear their voices. We must learn to SKYPE!!!!!  I want to "meet" them as mum speaks so highly of her old flatmates. Thanks Kim and Shirley, miss ya'll!

Rainy Day Acitvities

 Professional frozen dessert scooper at your service! What will it be? Chocolate with all the toppings?

 An indoor rock slide, how cool!
 Bob and Jillian got nothing on me and Jack. Work it, work it!
 Dressing up and going on stage. Let the show begin.
Dr. Rion Coadwell, DDS. This dragon had some pretty gnarly cavities.

We had about three days in a row of rain last week, so mum, my pal Jack and I headed into Hendersonville to the Hands On! Museum. The perfect rainy day spot! We had fun, as usual!