Friday, April 27, 2012

Earth Day 2012

 This years Earth Day was all about the snakes for me!  This black snakes name is Scar, he was my pal.  The bigger snake is a female and her name is Petunia.  I met up with my pals, Atlas, Odin and Argo who also enjoyed learning about and holding the snakes.  These snakes live at Earthshine Mt. Lodge, so there is a chance I will get to see them again someday.

Mom and I found this snake on our driveway as we were riding out bike to the Earth Day Festival at Brevard College. He didn't have much life to him when we found him. Poor thing.


Daddy returned home from his Man's Beach Trip with an accordian, don't ask!

The Assault on the Carolinas

The Assault on the Carolinas bicycle ride started and ended in downtown Brevard April 14th. Neither daddy nor I was there, but mommy was and enjoyed watching all the cyclists, 1,000 of them, pass the shop. Miss Perry painted the window special for the occassion. Apparently, there were 100 or so riders from Canada, thus the Canadian flag.  After the ride, mommy was very busy in the shop, yeah! The White Squirrel came in and visited too.  I would have liked to have met him, oh well, the White Squirrel Festival is just around the corner, I bet I see him then.

A Trip to Holmes Forest Over Spring Break

The week after Easter was Spring Break from school. Mom, dad and I tried to stay busy and outdoors as much as possible, of course, the weather took a turn towards cold, but mainly at night and in the evening. We met our friends at the Holmes Educational Forest. Carsten, 7 and Elijah 4, had never been there before so I got to show them the ropes.  First we hiked on the Talking Tree trail. Carsten had a wildflower guide and pointed out some of the wildflowers that were blooming (which was hard to believe since it was 37 degrees that morning).  But there were tons of gorgeous flowers. Carsten also helped us littler guys take turns pushing the buttons on the talking trees.  After the trail we headed to the big, yellow helicopter for a picnic and a play.  I so enjoyed pretending to be part of an army helicopter team!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Gymnastics Class Warm-Up

Gymnastics Class

I enrolled in a gymnastics class this spring. We met every Thursday fro six weeks from 4:30-5:00pm. My friends from school, Bradyn and Jack were in the class, which made it especially fun! I loved every moment, from the parallel bars to the uneven bars and everything in between. Mom says I might enroll in the summer course since I liked it soooo much.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Sunday Final Destination

Aunt Paula, Aunt Jane-Anne, Uncle Bill, Uncle Chad and Uncle Dean (all "greats" except for Chad) watching the final minutes of the golf tournament. Some guy named "Bubba" won, cool name dude!

Being cheecky, making it challenging for Uncle Chad and Daddy to play cornhole.

I was feeling inspired by The Master's and asked Uncle Chad to give me a gold lesson. Watch-out Phil Mickelsson, here I come!

Our final Easter Sunday destination was Aunt Brandi's house. We had a wonderful Easter meal thanks to Aunt Brandi's ham, garlic green beans, fresh bread rolls and more! I thought I'd give her an extra-appreciative thanks as you can see in the above photo. I love Aunt Brandi! And Uncle Chad and Cousin Asher too. Thanks for hosting us.

Easter Sunday Stop #1

I woke-up Easter Sunday to find a basket from the Easter Bunny with one lone Spiderman egg and a note from Mr. Bunny telling me to find all the other Super Hero-themed eggs. Needless to say, I was quite happy! Mum baked-up some cinnamon rolls special for Easter Sunday as a treat, then we loaded-up the car and headed to Charlotte. Our first stop was Uncle Pat's house. I met his friends Drew and Joey (for the 2nd time, I was too young to remember our first meeting) and we had a great game of chase with Uncle Pat.

Joey and I are only 3 months apart. He was a cool guy. I wished he lived closer to Brevard so we could play more often. Here we are playing "swords."

Guess what? I found a creature, a catepillar to be exact.

I had to interupt the men watching The Master's golf tournament to show them my super coool catepillar. Uncle Pat has a TV outside so he doesn't miss out on the sunshine or the current sporting event.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Batman Finds a Caterpillar

Even Batman needs a rest!

Caterpillar "season" is in full bloom. I love to pick them up and let them crawl along my arm. I made this caterpillar a special home (above) to keep hikm safe. I found him in the road and immediately stopped to save him from a certain fate.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Batmobiling in the Forest

After our adventure at Moore Cove, mum and I popped into the Davidson River Campground with my Batmobile for a good ride.
The Batman Petrol Station.

Chasing Catwoman, she's a "bad guy" and must be caught and put into jail.

Obeying all traffic laws.

Calling in reinforcements...Catwoman refuses to stay in jail, I need Robin's help!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Log Walking

I was just warming up for my big river crossing. This log was a piece of cake compared to what's to come in the near future.

River Crossing: The Still Shots

River Crossing

I found the brand new bridge way too boring, plus I thought mom could use a good anxiety attack to keep her on her toes. She did ask me if I thought crossing the river using the fallen tree was a "good idea" and I replied with a hearty, "yes"!

Natural Consequences

I wasn't so lucky on the 4th go over the log. A tad too confident I think.

(I wasn't hurt, except for a bruise on my hip. Mommy was glad I didn't bash my face on one of the big rocks in the river)

New Viewing Platform

This is a picture of the new viewing platform at Moore Cove. Apparently, they want you to view the waterfall from this platform and not any closer....what do you suppose I did?

Throwing Dirt

You might be surprised to learn how exciting throwing dirt off a rock can be and how long one can be entertained by this particular activity.

The Lion King Rock

I call this the "Lion King Rock" 'cause
it looks a lot like the rock that Simba and his dad Mufasa hang-out on when Simba is a little cub, you know the rock that baby Simba is held up on and presented to the other animals of the kingdom by the witch monkey. Anyway, I don't exactly have them in order, but as you can tell, I treaded lightly at first to the edge of the rock, which made mommy happy. I got pretty brave pretty quickly and had a bunch of fun on the Lion King Rock, just above the falls.