Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Last Days of August

Well, they say summer has come to an end, but I don't think so. Just because school has started doesn't mean an entire season has finished. I'm still getting outside and enjoying the sunshine, and enjoying school, even if I haven't had a full day yet. The first photo is me at my new pre-school, getting orientated. I had lots of fun, was on the run the whole time.

I joined my pals Oidn, Atlas and Bro at a private lake in Cedar Mt. last Friday. Gorgeous spot, beautiful weather!

Can you believe I am 21 months old, yesterday?

Friday, August 27, 2010

California Cuzzies

Mommies first cousins, Bryant and Tina, were on the east coast visiting, staying in Georgia with Uncle Norman. Depsite the rain, we all had an enjoyable visit. In this picture I've borrowed Kaylan's, Bryants daughter, sequien (spelling?) beret.
The rain finally stopped late evening, and we all headed down to the dock. Baelynn and Bryant took the paddle boat for a spin. Hummm, who weighs more?

Tina and Pam put together a delicious Philopino meal. I can't quite remember the names of everything but it was yummy!

Friends at Lake Hartwell

A week ago today we took a caravan down to MiMi's with several of my best friends. Here is Odin and me driving the boat. He is just 6 months older than me.
Little blondes everywhere! Mimi said she was nervous driving the boat with so many active blonde boys on the boat. But she did good handling the "controlled chaos."

We clean-up pretty good don't ya think?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

Atlantic Beach 2010- The End

The "blog novel" is complete, all 11 or so chapters. I do have to note, there is a missing photo, the one of me on Uncle Chad's surfboard. And I have no pictures of Aunt Brandi and Chad, so when I find some, I just might post those, so perhaps this isn' "the end," but rather "to be continued.

Beach Acts. Part 10- Sand Lovers

My favorite time at the beach was early evening. I loved do climb the dunes and tumble down in the sand. I had sand EVERYWHERE on my body, and I didn't mind one bit. I also loved spending time with my family members. It's been over a week since we've been at the beach and I must say, I miss it. I enjoyed the cruisy pace and company. We are almost done sharing photos from our vacation, just a few more, than I'll start letting you in on what I've been up to since I arrived home. Cheers!

Asher was about the only one who got as sandy as I did.

Beach Acts. Part 9-Yep, Still the Beach

I had fun jamming out to Jimmy Buffet's "Cheeseburger in Paradise" with Pop-Pop and Arawen.

Pop-pop and Dad shootin' the poo, as usual.

Crab Boil! That was one big bowl of food, not that I was allowed to participate in the gluttony, this all took place after my bedtime.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Beach Acts. Part 8-The Aquarium

Who is taller Mr. Giant Frog? Look a shark, totally awesome!

We were allowed to touch the horseshoe crabs and the stingrays and skates as well. My favorite part of the aquarium were definitely those areas.

Beach Acts. Part 7

One day we visited the quaint port town of Beaufort. I enjoyed watching the boats pull in and out of the boat slips.
The fire station was having a fundraiser so we stopped in and bought a t-shirt for Gus, his birthday is next month.

Again, just being silly on the porch.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Beach Acts. Part 6B.

Screw the pier, I'm ready to go BACK!

Forgot about the giant dolphin, I look like the girl from the Whale Rider, don't you think?

Beach Acts. Part 6

Tuesday morning we headed out for the "pier." You can see it from the porch of our house and I'd been saying pier, pier, pier. So we packed some water and some snacks and headed out (daddy wanted to mention that we SHOULD have brought the stroller, not sure why, I thought he loved to carry me far distances).Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to the pier we go.

Before we got to the pier, we happended upon a playground. We stopped for a play.

Have YOU ever ridden a turtle?

Look dad, a water tower.

Can you see it? The pier. How much further mom?
p.s. we didn't actually make it to the pier, shhhh, don't tell anyone

Beach Act Part 5

We did a lot of hanging out on the porch, the view is good, the food is nearby, the toys are abundant, the breeze is awesome and the hammock is there. Plus, I had a bit of privacy for running around half-naked, sometimes fully naked.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beach Acts Part 4.

These pictures are out of order. This one is mum and dad about to go to dinner, without me, I know, the nerve! The next is lunch, a few hours beforehand, when I was napping, again, getting the shaft. Mum made Bombay scallops, locally caught that morning and we, or rather they, dined al fresco, the way dining should be!

Beach Acts Part 3.

Mommy isn't the only one with cool shades. Check me out!

Beach Activities Part 2.

Catching sand diggers, little crabs, one of my most favorite things to do on the beach. I met two nice girls from NYC who were experts at finding the little diggers. Flying kites. Isn't our kite so pretty? He flew almost everyday.

We met the girls due to the kite. Who knew, kite flying atracts girls, and I thought it was puppies.

Daddy lets me man the reins. I think I'm a natural.

Beach Acitivities Part I.

Being Silly with Mimi on the deck over looking the ocean. Always fun!
Using the binoculars to see the ships out at sea.

Chasing sandpipers, fast little suckers!

Putting shells on Mimi's head.

Lining up all the shells and counting how many..1, 2, 3, all the way to 21!