Monday, October 31, 2011

Like My Purty Teeth

I decided to leave the teeth behind. Fangs might be good for sucking blood, but they are not conducive to eating candy!

Practicing for Halloween

Halloween is always the 31st of October, which this year is a Monday. Here in Transylvania County there is always a Halloween Fest the Saturday before Halloween, so the next few blog posts will highlight my entire Halloween weekend. Here is a video of me practicing my Vampire costume before the Halloween Fest.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Falling Leaves

After the Talking Trees trail I insisted mommy and I start hiking up, up, up....I needed a few breaks given the steep trail I had chosen. I enjoyed sitting down and watching the leaves falling down to the ground.

Holmes Forest Talking Tree Trail

Mom and I ventured away from the helicopter and explored more of the Holmes Forest than we ever had before. We discovered the Talking Tree Trail and it is now my new favorite trail. It was a loop trail, only a 1/2 mile long, but what made it special was the Talking Trees! It was kind of like a wee scavenger hunt too. I loved running the trail finding a clue to the talking tree, then pushing the button on the stand to hear the tree talk. We learned about the White Oak, Black Birch, Yellow Ash, and several more trees.

Holmes Educational Forest

You have seen photos of the big, yellow helicopter before and to me, they never get old. I've actually attended two birthday parties at Holmes this fall and each time, mommy didn't have the camera. So we went back one gorgeous autumn day, just the two of us, with camera in hand.

Pilot Rion at the helm!


Friday, October 28, 2011

Sid's 50th Birthday Bash

Mom, Dad, Pat and Mary Alice attended a big birthday party for their friend Sid Saturday night. I wasn't invited and I was VERY unhappy about that, just ask my babysitter Sandy.

Daddy with the birthday boy, Sid. Notice daddy's visor. This was the same night at the Rugby World Cup Final. Daddy stayed up alllllll night, along with Pat. Mum couldn't hack it and missed the match live, but did watch later in the day Sunday. In fact it was on regular TV here in the USA at 3:00pm Sunday afternoon.
Lauren and Matty sent this crazy top to mom from their new home in Vermont. Mom said her costume was "Vermont Bling."

Mom and Mary Alice posing in their bling as the sun was setting.

John's Rock

It was a fairly long, strenous hike, but we made it there smiling. The view was worth the effort.

If you thought Pat was nervous when I was climbing on the log, you should have seen him when we got to John's Rock. He didn't feel it was too child friendly, so we had a snack, took in the sights and headed to safer ground and back down the mountain (which I ran pretty much the whole way).

A Visit with Pat and Mary Alice

Our pal Pat and his partner Mary Alice come up every year around this time to hike in the mountains (they live in the city, Charlotte that is). This year we took them over to the Fish HAtchery and hiked to the top of John's Rock. It was a gorgeous day and there was still lots of beautiful fall colors to be seen and appreciated.

Feeding the trout.

Enjoying a peaceful scene along the Davidson River.

We stopped at this bridge to play "Three Billy Goats Gruff." I was the troll so I headed down under the bridge. Mary ALice had to help me back up onto the bridge. I was a very stubborn troll.

If there is a log, rock, tree, what have you, I will find a way to climb it!

I was making Pat nervous, so he came over to "help" me. I didn't need help of course, but it made him feel better to be nearby.

Brevard Academy Fall Festival

The joys of fall in Western N.C.! There is a new Fall Festival every weekend in October. Last Friday, mom and I headed over to one of the local schools and joined in the fall fun. I wore my Knights helmet as you will see.

Being the Brave Knight, I walked up this high tower and slid right on down without screaming like a little girl, I swear!

The only thing I'm missing is a sword. Mommy wouldn't buy me one, mean mommy. But sticks are plentiful so she can't keep me swordless, like it or not!

A REAL pony ride! Unlike the fair where the ponies are attached poles and just go in circles. I got to ride this pony around the school grounds. VERY COOL!

How YOU doin' Lady Horse Trainer? Want to take this pony on back to my barn?

Summitting Sam's Knob

I didn't stop until I reached the top! Well, I take that back, I did stop, in order to climb the sheer rock faces we came upon as we got closer to the summit. Climbing is my new thing.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hiking Way Up High

Mom and I finally made it up to the Blue Ridge Parkway for some leaf peeping last week. People come from all over the country to drive on the parkway in the autumn. We live 20 miles away and somehow don't get up there that often. But I'm sure glad we did go because it was beautiful! We parked at the Black Balsamn trailhead and hiked to Sam's Knob, 3 miles round trip. I hiked all the way there, believe it or not. On the way back I got a ride here and there from mom cause my legs were getting tired. Mom says this hike reminds her of hiking in parts of New Zealand, I wouldn't know about that, not yet anyway! Which way should we go? I chose "up", as usual.

We are headed to that peak in the distance. Think I can make it there? We'll see.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Face Painting

My first face painting was at the Anderson Fall Festival. When I sat down the nice lady asked what I wanted painted and I didn't hestitate to answer, "I want to be a superhero."

Look, SuperMan!

Roberts Church Fall Festival

We headed down to Anderson for MiMi's birthday and it just happened that her neighborhood church was having a Fall Festival. A highlight of the festival was the presence of the Anderson Fire Department. I was happy to say the least to get up close and personal with the fire trucks!

Can you see me? I'm the driver.

Me, mom, Arawen and Harvest taking a hay ride, my 3rd one of the fall season.

Like my cool fireman hat?

And the Winner Is....

Choose Your Favorite Pumpkin Face

What is the same? What is a different? A pumpkin face riddle of sorts. Which is your favorite? We'd love to hear from your vote. 5 more sleeps til Halloween night.