Wednesday, November 30, 2011


So much to post, so little time. Please be patient, our blog is under construction. Upcoming posts include Thanksgiving, Bowling Party and my birthday pics. So happy daddy is home, miss everyone in New Zealand. Thanks for the great warm winter coat Grandma and Grandad Coadwell!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Hello Daddy

Mom and I went for a walk in the woods last Tuesday, the day daddy was en route back to Brevard. As luck would have it, we had cell phone service and daddy called when he landed in San Francisco, that much closer to us. He has now been home 6 sleeps and I am VERY happy he is back!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

One More Sleep

One more sleep till Daddy gets home, well maybe a half sleep at this point, since he will be home at midnight tonight! I was in the bath last night and suddenly was overcome with fatigue. Mum wrapped me up in my towel and set me on my bed and I fell into a light sleep instantly, kind of like Sleeping Beauty, says mom anyway. I guess I was just so excited for daddy to home, I wanted to get to sleep ASAP so I could awake and he would be home, back in Brevard. But alas, I still have an entire day to wait, the longest day of my life!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanks Aunt Brandi & Uncle Chad

I had a fun filled weekend in Charlotte and Aunt Brandi has all the photos to prove it! These photos are from Sunday evening upon return to Brevard. I am in love with my new dinosaur and new shark from the toy store in Charlotte, THANKS AUNT BRANDI and UNCLE CHAD! I arranged them very carefully on my bed, along with the puppy, so that they could read books with me and mommy.

My dinosaur is my new "snuggle bunny."

Teacher in training.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Walk Downtown

With Daddy gone, I'm hanging at the shop quite a bit with mom. On Thursday, I was enjoying a treat from the bakery with friend Mai and mom, when my class walked by the shop. Miss Mary Lee popped in and asked if I wanted to join them as they had a seat available, score! It was fun to see some of the Tues/Thurs. kids, as I am a Mon./Wed/Fri guy. They dropped me back off at the shop and mom got this photo. We were all screaming, "Gelato!" Thanks Miss Mary Lee, I'll miss seeing you (she is "retiring").

Feeling Country

Halloween might be over, but dressing-up is never out of date. Today I was feeling like a cowboy, so I searched my treasure chest (where I keep my costumes) and found this vest and cowboy hat. The perfect outfit for feeding the horses!

P.S. The vest is authentic...real leather!

Cowboy Rion

Sheriff Rion riding his wagon to the horses.

Howdy Horsie!

My Radio Flyer Red Wagon

My friend Benjamin came over last Monday for a playdate. It was a gorgeous, warm fall day so we loaded-up into my red wagon and took a ride to feed the horses.

Good sharing and teamwork don't ya think?

(it happens every once in a while)

A Potluck for Daddy

The Sunday before daddy left for NZ we had a potluck party in honor of his birthday. We had a great fire going, ribs on the grill, warm soup and S'mores roasted over the open fire. I didn't get too many photos that evening
but mom did catch this one of Broden and I playing with some sports cones we found down in the basement. I think Daddy had a great birthday celebration!

Boys in Red

My pal Broden and I playing nicely in the sandbox, at least for now!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Take Me With You Daddy

So, Daddy left for New Zealand yesterday, which is good for everyone in New Zealand but not for me! I thought I could convince daddy to take me with him. I put on my very best New Zealand outfit and donned my very sweetest smile, but alas, I was not allowed to go along.

Daddy, if you are out there listening, I really miss you and love you. I hope Grandma and Grandad, Denise, Hayden, Blair and Virginia are giving you lots of cuddles and kisses to make up for the ones you are not getting from me. I said to mommy today, "I would like Daddy to be home", followed by, "I would like to go to New Zealand." (pretty good sentence structure don't ya think?)

Showing Off My New Jumper

Funny story about this jumper. I receieved it in the mail way back in August and the postmark on the parcel was from an Elaine in Pennsylvania, USA. There were some earrings included in the package and they were obvoiusly from NZ, but there was not note, nothing. Mommy and I were baffled and blamed daddy for not remembering this Elaine, who had obvoiusly been to NZ and was sending us a thank-you of sorts, probably a customer daddy had helped out with trip plans to NZ.

Well, several weeks later we got an email from Auntie Denise letting us know a parcel would be arriving and it was the jumper she had knit for me, mystery solved! I really like me new jumper, especially given winter weather on the way. Digging for worms, really breaking in my new jumper, straight to the dirt as usual.

I especially like the front pocket, it warms my fingers right up!

Thanks Auntie Denise, I am all smiles for my new jumper!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thanks for the Memories Halloween 2011

A belated ending to my Halloween adventures, sorry, but we got busy! After all the trick-or-treating, I was wisked away home to a nice warm bath and was promptly back into costume, this time as a firefighter. I do enjoy my dress up, as you have witnessed over the last few blog posts. I also enjoy Halloween candy:)

One more sleep till Daddy leaves for New Zealand. Hopefully I can go from master blogger to master SKYPER and see daddy and the Coadwell side of the family on the screen in the next couple of weeks!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trick or Treat Already

Other Halloween Images

Running back to the car, I'd reached my limit of Halloween fun!
My pal Summer and her dad Jay.

Can I have something from your big cauldron please?

Gotta like this kids costume! Go Steelers! Go Big Ben!

Getting in line.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hangin' with My Pals on Halloween

The best part of Halloween of course, is playing with my friends. So many friends were out and about on Halloween night, the best treat ever!Leah handing out candy at her house.
Running into Greysen and her new friend. I didn't recognize her at first and kept my distance.

My fellow vampires and I take a break and check our pumpkins for the goods.

Wayah, the pirate, with his knife and me with my glow wand, made quite a ruckus.

My school pals, Luke and Booth, and Luke's big bro Noah, giving out candy at their house. I was very happy to see them!

Halloween Decor

The streets were all lit up with Halloween decorations, it was so festive and fun, a tad spooky!

In Constant Motion

So many houses, so little time. Run, run, run, run!

The Spookiest House on the Block

These folks really know how to celebrate Halloween! It was by far the spookiest house on the block, and I didn't even flinch.

Halloween Night, Here I Come!

Posing at home before heading out for Trick-or-Treating.

Glow sticks- check! Pumpkin Candy Collector-Check! Costume- Check!

The first house I have ever trick-or-treated (is this grammatically correct?)

Trick-or-Treat! I was a natural, and I always said "thank-you" after receiving my treat.

Great start! Where to next?