Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Breakie

I love helping daddy prepare Sunday breakie. On the menu this morning, was scrambled eggs, biscuits and bacon, yum in the tum!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Surprise Package in the Mail

I met this fellow when I was in Tampa. Ian let me play with him. I love when friends share toys. I had to say a tear-filled good-bye to him when we left Florida. Fortunately we left my shoes behind and Ms. Pam had to mail them back to me in N.C. and included my favorite toy in the package! I was super surprised and excited. Thanks so much to our dear friends the Sandifer family for hosting us and for your toy generousity!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Our Last Stop

For the first time on our road trip we headed west instead of south, our final destination, Tampa, FL. We got to visit with our pals Pam, Brian, Ian and Ashley, in the land of televisions and technlology. Needless to say, I love their house!

Watching a movie from Pam and Brian's bed, plenty of room for us 3 kids.

We do go take breaks from all the technical gear to play outside.

Blueberry pancakes for dinner, yum! Ian is so silly, I love it!

We left Tampa at 5:00am Sunday morning and made it home in time for the Steelers game. 9 1/2 hour trip, but mom has to admit, I was a perfect traveler!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sushi Night

Nope, it's not Sora, even though everyone in the picture is from Brevard, NC. We met up at the hotel with Ryan, Perry, Broden and Eli and headed over to Haru Sushi, walking distance from our place. The saki bombs were a bit different than we were used too, but they did the trick. The staff decided to give us our own private little room. I guess they thought Broden and I looked like trouble. What would give them that idea? I just tell Broden how it is and how it's going to be, as you can see in the photo above.

Soccer Balls and Sandcastles

Broden and his peeps came to see us at the Double Tree. We went back and forth between the pool and the beach, having tons of fun in both spots.

All done! Haha, this isn't exactly the sandcastle we created, but we don't have to tell anyone that.


It finally warmed-up enough for us to put on our togs and take a dip in the "heated" pool. At least, mum and I did, you know Daddy, total whimp. He was very happy to be in shorts though and just a few feet away from the poolside bar.

Hummmm...I think I'd like to go back to the "hot pool."

The "hot pool" was a bit more comfortable.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Long Walks on the Beach

I guess I should really say "long RUNS on the beach!" I do love to chase those birds and they are so quick. Daddy and I walked back to the hotel from the park on the beach, 1.5 miles. Impressed?

Now, if it would just warm up enough for me to take off some layers and get in that water!

Sandy Man

Once again I prove myself as a master Sand Man. I step onto that beach, immediately take my shoes off and throw myself into the sand, every bit of me.

Beach volleysoccer ball!

Making "roads".

Throwing sand at mom, she actually wasn't overlly excited about this, but she did snap a photo as I headed towards her with my arm cocked and my fist full.

A Few More Zoo Photos

I got a bit ahead of myself, sorry. How could I foget to post these zoo photos? I really, really loved the Brevard Zoo! Giant Tortoise

Pretending to be a baby cheetah learning to climb. I spent quite a bit of time practicing my climbing.

Wallaby lounging in the sun. (it was a bit chilly out, poor guy, he is used to the Australian heat).

Rhone heading over for a good scratching from his trainer.

Me and Bro

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Beachfront Playground

We left the zoo and headed straight to our beachfront hotel, The Double Tree, in a small community called Indiatlantic in Melbourne, Florida (Brevard County). We really had a great view this time, overlooking the ocean, ahhhhhhh. There were several beachfront parks we visited in the cool mornings. The Whale Rider!

PLaying hide-n-seek with daddy, can you find him?

Climbing up the middle.

Animals at the Zoo

Broden, Sadie, me and Orlando (Broden's cousins). Waiting for the zoo train.

Florida Flamingoes, of course!

Tapir above, anteater below, crazy noses everywhere!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Brevard Zoo

We left Savannah, GA at 5:30am and pulled into the parking lot of the Brevard Zoo at approximately 10:30am, pretty darn good time. I wish I could say this zoo was actually in Brevard, NC, but alas, it's in Brevard County, Florida. South again. I was very excited to go to the zoo, especially since my pals Broden, Perry and Eli were meeting us there. My Brevard pals at the Brevard Zoo, so funny!
Perry, Broden and Eli posing as sea creatures.

Of course I hit the ground running and didn't stop running!

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Best Western

I have to say what I really liked about vacation was staying in the hotel. When we first walked into the Best Western, Savannah, GA, I exclaimed, "This is so cool." I was further impressed with the view from the third floor, exclaiming from the top of the steps outside our room, "Wow! Look at this view", which made mommy laugh. Apparently, she isn't overly impressed by streets and the backside of a wharehouse (although it must be noted that you could see the river and the big bridge).

I loved hanging out in our room being silly, jumping from bed to bed and of course (drum roll please), wathcing TV from the comfort of my bed! I think the excitement must have been too much for me because the first night I got sick, all over the bed, me and mom, an experience we hope to forget!

The Savannah Pirate House

At first glance, the Pirate Place eatery, was just a small, old home, but once you entered it was an entire experience with all sorts of knooks-n-crannies, much bigger than one would ever expect. Needless to say, I loved it, and made out with some pretty cool pirate booty. Ahoy maties!

Daddy bought me this pirate pistol when mommy wasn't looking.

Historic Savannah Trolley Tour

We booked the "On and Off" trolley tour in order to learn about Savannah, plus have the freedom to stop and look when we wanted and jump back on for a ride when we needed. We had two really neat guides and our goal was accomplished, we learned more than we knew to begin with, for sure! The fountain at Forsyth Park gives proof of how cold it actually was that day.
I wasn't super-excited about old churches and historic buildings and homes, so mum snapped a few photos as we walked on by. The architecture in Savannah was very unique and pretty, according to mommy.

This is the oldest cemetery in Savannah. If you look to the back of the photo you will see rows of old headstones that have been misplaced through the years and simply lined up against the wall for safe keeping.

This playground was just steps outside the entrance to the cemetery. Our guide told us it was the site of famous and not-so famous duels between folks who weren't exactly seeing eye-to-eye. The loser ended up next door in the cemetery and the winner acorss the street in the pub. It makes a nice play area now.

Oh no, I think I'm feeling sick, let's get out of here!