Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner was a group effort and was enjoyed in 5 courses (although, not everyone made it to dessert).

Uncle Jerry also come up from Charlotte for the holiday, but he wasn't feeling well, so we didn't get to hang-out too much. He did make it to the dinner table, luckily.

Daddy was in charge of the palate cleanser, a Lemon Sorbetto topped with Limoncello.

Mimi brought the beef tenderloin, but daddy was given the honor of carving.

Christmas with My Cousins

Arawen is Super Silly with Silly Putty

The adults are eating, so we get to watch a movie.

Is that Santa, no, it's Asher!

Blow-Up Santa and Snowman

Sometimes the simpliest, goofiest, cheapest gifts make for the most fun.

Christmas Presents for One and All

Mimi shows off her new apron from the Coadwell's.


Tennis anyone? A gift to daddy from Mimi.

Dinosaur slippers from Aunt Brandi.

The boys taking a break from unwrapping to shoot some pool.

Family Gathering at The Laytons

Everyone assembled at Grandad and Grandma Layton's house at differing times during the day on Christmas. We opened presents for hours it seemed until dinner, which was a shared effort. Me and Aunt Chanley. She gave me a really fun pair of boots.
Uncle Chad and Asher made it up from Columbia later in the day.

Grandma and Mimi, aren't I a lucky little guy to have double to grandmother love?

Posing in front of the beautifully decorated mantle. This is our last Christmas in the house on the hill and it was a good one for sure.

Aunt Brandi and Grandad.

Christmas Morning at Last!

I woke-up Christmas morning with some pretty major eye boogers but mom washed me up and I rallied, running out to the lounge to see what Santa had left. There were also presents from family in New Zealand. The Kiwi vs. Kangaroo chess game.
Harry MClary books, my favorite!

A Harry McClary magnet book, totally cool!

Mom gets Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms from daddy, how romantic!

Daddy plays with the fire breathing dragon toy I got from Santa.

I also got a really warm winter coat from Grandma and Grandpa Coadwell and mom got some Silver Fern earrings. I love me new Peter Rabbit book, bowl, cup and plate too. I sure was spoiled!

Mom and Dad made chocolate chip waffles for breakfast and we topped it with a raspberry syrup, then I played with toys as mom and dad packed up the car to head up to Grandad and Grandma Layton's house to continue Christmas Day and have Christmas dinner.

Christmas Eve in Brevard

Mom and I made it back to Brevard to celebrate Christmas Eve with daddy by 5:30pm. Daddy made a lovely dinner of scallops and fish in a mushroom cream sauce and afterwards we prepared for Santa's arrival. I left Santa some jellybeans and milk. I also left out some carrots and water for the reindeer.
Our gorgeous tree after Santa had visited. Mommy must have awakened when Santa landed on the roof and got this photo once he left.

Daddy talking to Grandma and Grandpa Coadwell in New Zealand on Christmas Day.

Christmas Eve dinner, reminds me of Lady and the Tramp (who is who is this photo?).

Christmas Eve Day 3

Baelynn tries to give a hug, but I was a bit preoccupied with my new Slinky.
Adam and Lesa

Cousin Ben

Taking a break from the present opening to do a few laps on the stationary bike.

Some other guests at the party, Pam, Norman, Chanley, Lindsey and Lindsey's dad from California, Steve.

Christmas Eve Day 2

Gabby's beautiful tree had lots of presents under it!

Star struck.

Cousin Ben helped me open this awesome dragon toy from Gabby and Papa Jack.

Aunt Brandi with her niece and nephew.

Me and mum just before leaving to head back to Brevard.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve Day 1

Gabby and Papa Jack hosted a gathering on Christmas Eve day for all the cousins and such on Mimi's side of the family. It was a lovely warm day, the food was delicious and I got to open even more pressies, believe it or not! The host and hostess (Brenda and Jack).

Mom and Aunt Brandi.

The kids posing for a photo, kind of.

I wasn't family the photo shoot, in fact, I had started to feel kind of low again, so after opening presents, mom and I headed back to Brevard.

Lesa, Adam, Chanley, Lindsey, Ben, Brandi and Heather, my mum. The "Summey" cousins.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve Day with MiMi

Thank-you kisses and cuddles for MiMi. She let me open the rest of my presents the morning of Christmas Eve before heading over to Gabby's house (Aunt Brenda to mom).

Awesome! An alien. I'm a big fan of the "bad guys."

Mommy and Mimi (notice mommy is wearing her new necklace from Grandma and Grandpa Coadwell that daddy brought home from New Zealand). I told her the necklace is "beautiful."

Me, Arawen and Mimi, a great trio!