Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Beach Day Two

After the adreline rush of arriving at the beach and a late night out, day two was off to a slow start, for me anyway. But isn't vacation about relaxation? Nothing is more relaxing than Cable TV! I did get outside of course, and helped mom build a sandcastle, or rather sand-fortress..don't I look helpful??  I did smile big for a photo with Aunt Brandi, who left soon after, unfortunately. Apparently she had to work, during vacation!

Monday, August 27, 2012

A Night Out in Carolina Beach

 Our condo was in walking distance to the center of "town", so we decided to go out to eat our first night, and our only night with Aunt Brandi. We choose the Tangerine Grill for it's canal view.
 I enjoyed playing pool as I waited for the food to arrive,
 This boat full of fish was just coming into the harbor as we were walking to the restaurant.
 After dinner we headed over to the Carolina Beach Lake for the Sunday Movie Night. There was a big screen set-up and lots of people watching "Happy Feet Two."  You can kind of make-out the screen behind Aunt Brandi. Apparently she had already seent he movie and opted to play Corn-Hole at the neighboring Hang Ten Grill.
This concludes our first day at the beach. I couldn't make it home after the movie I was so tired. I had to hitch a ride with Daddy.

Giant Sand Bar

Tide Pool

 Running towards the girl in the bikini top...
 Running away from daddy!
 Simply running and splashing.
Running and jumping off the giant sand favorite running.

These photos are still from our first day at the beach. It started raining hard (mum and I got stuck out on the beach and the rain was pelting me in the face and it hurt!), around 5:00 maybe. I was happy to go inside and check-out my home away from home. My room was super cool, complete with bunk beds and a TV, yes, a TV in the bedroom, MY bedroom (for the record, it was never turned on).   Luckily the sun came back out and we went exploring on the beach again. We found this super cool tide pool. Tide pools are better for swimming in than the ocean, in my opinion. They are shallow, warm and I don't have to worry about waves knocking me down.  The best part about this tide pool was the giant sand bank it adjoined too. I LOVED running and jumping off. I think we have a video that I can share.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Beach Ready Babe: The Elder

Daddy hadn't had a day off since Father's Day, and that was June 16th.  7 days a week, and at the very least 12 hours a day since then, so this beach vacation was much deserved! We went for a walk after checking into the condo and found a fun tide pool. Mom took the opportunity for a photo shoot with her two favorite men.

Beach Ready Babe

We arrived at our condo on Carolina Beach Ave. around 2:00pm, and check-in wasn't until 4:00pm, so we headed down to the beach with Aunt Brandi in tow.  It was over-cast, but I didn't mind, I was happy to be out of the car and ON THE BEACH!  It was all smiles and sand! 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Road Trip

 Thirty minutes into our trek from Charlotte to Carolina Beach, mom pulled out a suprise...The Creeper!! I was stoked, totally!! "Awesome!" I quietly got to know my new Creeper for about 20 minutes before asking, "How much longer to the beach?" Good try mom!
I asked mom if I could take some photos of the road trip, here is the result. Proff that mom and dad make me brush my teeth!

5 days and 5 nights at Carolina Beach, N.C., here I come!! Uh, oh, a bit of a detour. It seems there was a wreck. All the other cars are going around the wreck, but not daddy! He pulls over to help. Such a nice guy, a real hero amongst men. Angela was suffering from shock and the ambulance seemed to take forever so it was really good daddy stopped to help!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Action Figure Playdate

My pal Adam and I met up at a picnic area for an action figure playdate. We pooled our booty together and the choices were limitless!! We did a great job sharing. We enjoyed having "battles" between the good guys and the bad guys. I even wore my Super Hero t-shirt and Adam had on an IronMan t-shirt. We are Super Hero Soul Mates.


I planted five sunflower seeds back in June and have watched them grow each week. They have grown taller than me and have recently started to bloom. I am very proud!

Scenic Views

 I told mom that they probably have all the fences up so people won't "fall off the mountain."  I also said, "if everyone just wore a parachute they wouldn't need so many fences because we'd be safe with our parachutes."  I then told her, "I want to parachute from a helicopter some day."
 We happened upon some rock climbers, well, their gear, we never actually saw the climbers. Mom told me about the equipment and showed me how the ropes were anchored to the tree. I told her I wanted to rock climb some day when I'm "a big boy."
 Looking for the climbers. I know they are down there somewhere!!

I had to stop for a snack and some water on the way down Whiteside. This was a "very special snack spot."


There were lots of gorgeous wildflowers in bloom along the trail.  Did I mention it was a lovely day?

Going Up?

 I found this cool salamander under a rock on our way up to the top of Whiteside Mt.  I turned over many a rock to find this little guy. They don't love human touch, so I rubbed my hands in dirt like Mr. Steve from Earthshine taught us to do when handling salamanders.
 This wee waterfall was perfect for cleaning up!
 How much further to the top mom?

The Top of Whiteside Mountain

 Last Sunday was a gorgeous day and mum and I found ourselves in need of an adventure. We headed out Hwy 64 Westbound and ended-up at Whiteside Mt., near Cashiers, N.C.  You see those white cliffs in the background in the first photo? They give the mountain its' name.  I hiked the whole way up and down. The only thing that would have made this day better was the company of daddy...sadly he was at work.

Biker Boy

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My New "Training Bike"

 I'm getting the hang of my new "training bike" and I like to go fast!  I'm a blur, I'm so fast.  The point of having no pedals is to practice balancing and avoid reliance on training wheels. So far, so good. A shout out to my pal Gus for lending me his Kazooooom! I'm really enjoying this new freedom!

Park Perils

 So, I was playing nicely in the park with Baelynn, mostly, when all of a sudden, I fell, hard!
 I was wearing my bike helmet still and I think in this instance it was a hindrance, not a help. I fell from a step and took a chunk out of my chin. There was lots of blood and tears. Cousin Adam biked home and got the car and returned to the park. By that time I was once again playing and I was able to bike over to the car.

Lesa's pudding pie helped with the pain.  Mommy thinks I'm going to have a scar, which I think is cool!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Monday, August 13, 2012

Skinned Knee

After dinner, Baelynn and I decided we wanted to take a bike ride to the park. Well, as I was waiting for Adam to pump-up Baelynn's tires I fell off my bike in their driveway and skinned my knee. It was very traumatic as you can see in the photos. Oh, this is my new "training bike" that I have on loan from Gus. It's called a KaZooom and it doesn't have pedals. You push it with your feet Flintstones style so you can learn how to balance in leiu of training wheels.

Trampolines and Hula Hoops

I apologize for "jumping" around on these Greenville blog posts. I'm kind of out of order of events but I think you guys can figure it all out.

The Kids Table

Using our spoons as swords as we awaited our spaghetti and meatballs....and yes, it did end in tears, my tears, just like mommy predicted.

Alert: Cuteness Factor Very High!

Chandley, me and Baelynn posing for a photo in their yard. Are we adorable or what?