Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jester Hat

I got this awesome Courth Jester hat at the Mt. Song Consignment Sale last Saturday. MiMi is going to make a costume for me to go with the hat, just in time for Halloween!!!

Bath Hat

The Dynamos

 Owen, me and Jack showing off our numbers.
 Coach Green is asking, "Who is excited to play soccer today?" I'm raising my hand high, "I am!"
 This is my new friend Maggie. She is the fastest and tallest person on our team. She is also very sweet (mom made me say that).
First player to line-up for pre-game warm-ups! I'm very enthusiastic.

Mom thought I wasn't able to play soccer this season, but apparently the league was allowing 3 years-olds to sign-up after all, and so we did!  I love my first soccer team! I love the uniforms, shin guards and special shoes (or boots as dad calls them). I love the huddle, high-fives, thumbs-ups, shaking hands with the other team after the game and playing "keep-away" with Coach Green.  I also like running around and "playing", but I don't necessarily feel a need to actually get the ball or shoot, that comes with time.  I'll keep you all up-to-date on the status of the Dynamos as the season progresses.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Holding On to Summer

 Mum shows off her new hair-do. She got about 7 inches of hair cut off, that's a lot!!

 A gaggle of boys playing with the paddle board. Can you see me amongst the masses?
 The momma's enjoying some shade and conversation. (Aleshka, Perry, Amy, and Jennifer).
Broden and Jack getting away with the paddleboard, as the mom's converse....hmmm, they don't seem to be wearing life jackets.

September is off to a wonderfully warm start.  We took the opportunity to commune and play at Eagle Lake just one more time before autumn descends it's cooler days and nights upon us. It felt just like summer, except we got a later start; we couldn't meet-up until after school!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Apple Picking @ Sky Top Orchard

 Baelynn gets busy filling her basket with Granny Smiths.
 I also helped pick as Granny Smiths are one of my favorite varieties.
 The three of us showing off our apples, wagon and the beautiful mountain view.
 Baelynn, Rion and Chandley posing with their baskets. Ready to pick!
Of course, we had to stop in at the Flat Rock Bakery for pizza and to pose with the giant zebra following our trip to the orchard.

A great September tradition in Western North Carolina is apple-picking at the Sky Top Orchard in Flat Rock. This year was especially special as my cousins Baelynn and Chandley made the trip from Greenville to pick with us this year!  We played on the giant spider, in the giant pumpkin and apples, on the slide, the playhouse, took a hayride, fed the animals, hiked in the bamboo forest, feasted on fresh apple donuts and oh yes, picked apples. Fun was had by one and all!

Labor Day

There was a special event on the Saturday of the Labor Day weekend, and you know what that means? Face-paint!! I got the full on coverage, of course, this picture is after I had had the paint on for a few hours, so it's a bit smeared. MiMi got the fresh photos and believe me, they are great!  I turned the camera onto mom, Mimi and Aunt Brandi and captured the first shot just before we went for dinner at Marcos. I think I'm a pretty great photographer, even though mom looks a bit weird.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Playing Barber Shop

Mimi came to visit for the Labor Day weekend and we put her to work, on my hair.  Don't worry, I still have lots of curls! Mum just thought I needed a bit of a tidy-up with the new school year upon us.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Visiting the Meyer-Brauns

Our final leg of our vacation was High Point, NC, just 35 miles north of the zoo in the Piedmont of the state.  Lucy and her mom and dad, Lisa and Mark, just moved to High Point from Brevard for her dad's new job.  I really enjoyed my visit. Lucy is 7 years-old and likens me to the little brother she never had.  She dressed me up like a pirate and let me play with her legos.  On Saturday we went swimming in their pool, had lunch with them, then got back into the car headed home to Brevard.  All and all, our vacation was fabulous, just too short!

So, finally, all the vacations photos have been posted and I can start showing you what I've been doing the last few weeks, like school, soccer and a trip to the apple orchard!

Other Zoo Highlights

 This zoo is stacked with elephants! They had a whole herd, set in as natural a setting as possible.
 Looking for elephants safari style!
 Riding a cheetah on the Zoo Carousel.
 Baby Zuma the giraffe was just born in July. She was so cute! I should have worn my giraffe shirt in her honor. Unfortunately it was dirty, so I wore my other animal shirt.
Very cool staghorn ferns, according to mom.

Special Dinosaur Exhibit

And you thought dinosaurs were extinct! Not at the NC. Zoo. This special exhibit cost extra, but I'd say it was worth it. The dino's moved and made noise and were life size, just like Jurassic Park!

Zoo Statues

One of the best things at the zoo, were the artificial animals, believe it or not! You can climb on the fake animals, the real ones...not so much!

Bye-Bye Coast, Hello Piedmont

It took us about 4 hours to get from Carolina Beach to the Africa Entrance of the NC State Zoo in Asheboro. Our other option was the "North American" entrance, but the group decided that Africa was more unique, to us anyway. The next few blog posts will give you the highlights from our day at the zoo. 

Darth Vader Rides Again

One has to stay entertained on a long road trip. NC Zoo here I come, or rather, here comes Darth Vader.

Rainy Day Indoor Play

When mom and I get back to the beach from the Animal Park, it started to rain, AGAIN! So dad and I got creative! I pretended to be a robot using my robot voice and all, and daddy was the bad guy. 

Mom sat out on the patio reading and wishing the rain away as this was our last night at the beach and Thursday's at the Boardwalk a live band plays and fireworks follow, something she had been looking forward to all week....alas, the rain just got worse and we just ended-up going to dinner in a deluge and coming back to the condo. Tomorrow we are headed straight to the N.C. Zoological Park, can't wait!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Animal Park

 The traditional pose near the giraffe because you are wearing a giraffe t-shirt photo.
 Wednesday morning, mom and I headed 9 miles inland to the Tregembo Animal Park. I'm not quite sure what the difference between a "zoo" and an "animal park" is, but three days later when I visit the NC State Zoo, I soon figure out what the difference is. I loved the praire dogs, even thought I didn't get a photo.
We fed the alligators and the turtles in this infested pond. I don't recommend a swim!

Dancing Along with Sponge Bob Square Pants

Family Night @ the Boardwalk Continued

 Corn Hole, a family favorite!
 Face paining, a Rion favorite.
Posing with a fake crescent shaped moon...mommy made me.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Big People Rides

I wanted to ride ALL the rides, even the "big people" rides. Daddy agreed to take me on the Pirate Ship ride and I loved it! It didn't scare me one bit. Bring it!

Family Night at the Carolina Beach Boardwalk Part 1

 The Scrambler...this ride was FREE on Tuesday night for the "Family Night." I rode it several times:)
 THis dragon went up and down, I loved it!
 I was too small to go on the Tilt-A-Whirl by myself, so mommy rode with me. We went super fast!
 Future Jet Pilot practicing his skills.
Using my own strength I bounced myself HIGH on this trampoline.