Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Costume Change for Oskarberfest

 Swordman, my very own made up character. Creative don't you think?
 FREE pony rides, score!

 Me and Mai making funny faces.
Spooky Family

Mom and I went home from Halloweenfest to rest-up for Phase 2 of the day, the first annual Oskarberfest (named for Oskar Blues Brewery).  Of course I couldn't wear my daytime costume, so I created an evening attire for myself. Fun was had by all! Beers and Brats, ponies and jumpy castles, who wouldn't have fun?

More From HalloweenFest

 The Cleveland Family won 3rd place in the Best Group Costume Contest for their Peter Pan Crew: Captain Hook, Smee, Peter, Wendy, Tinker Bell, Pirates and the crocodile. Congrats!
 Jester and Hook
 Jester and Peter
 Jester and Smee attack daddy.
 The Kiwi Gelato crew taking in the costume contests. Mom and Dad should have dressed-up as a King and Queen to go with their little Joker!! Why didn't they think of that before Halloweenfest?
 I finally found my King and Queen! (although officially Mr. Toby was the Mad Hatter)
 Jumpy Castles and Race tracks, so much festival fun!
Iron Man and Machine Man won the overall Best Costume award. They did a great job on their costumes and deserved their award!

Hanging Out in Halloween Town

 Princess Greysen enjoying a gelato and a jester.
 I love spooky trees! Tree-hugger to the core.
 Every good jester needs legos (my new favorite toys BTW).
 Miles then Ninja and I posing in front of the shop.
 Ellie, Mae and Loie posing outside the shop.

Me and Cousin Arawen.

Dress Rehearsal

 Mom got these spooky skull-n-bones tights to go under my Court Jester, I mean Joker, costume. I really like them!
 Preparing for face painting. Once again, a very serious event.
 I had to make sure mom was doing the face painting correctly. I get upset when it doesn't look the way I think it should. The mirror allows me to check her work and request corrections in a timely manor.
 The perfect wee Court Jester at your service. My friend from New Orleans said I was ready for Mardi Gras in this outfit!
 Like my gold shoes and Joker Scepter? I have pretty creative parents and a very talented Mimi. Most everything is homemade/handmade. Except the hat, which was the inspiration for the rest of the costume. Jingle, jingle, jingle.
I'm ready for Halloweenfest in downtown Brevard. Still four more sleeps til actual Halloween and trick-or-treating. I plan to wear this costume to school Wednesday then change into my ninja costume Halloween night.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

River Ninja

 The "costume parade" finally made it to their destination, the sandy beach, after many stops to climb rocks and trees.  I found this very cool leaf on the shore. Peek-a-boo!
 Odin and Argo caught up with us at the beach. Odin was dressed in his policman costume.
 Clothes came off and into the water we went. Yes, it was THAT warm on this late October day!
 Since I didn't have any extra clothes with me and most of my ninja costume was soaking wet, we had to improvise. The styrofoam part of my costume was dry and provided a bit of coverage. Mom said I was looking very Roman. Argo wasn't sure to make of my modified costume.
 Practically Naked Ninja running wild in the forest!

Forest Costume Parade

 Braydn and I were the only two costume parade participants on Friday, well the only two on time. But that's ok, I didn't know the difference, I was just excited to put on my ninja costume, complete with ninja sword, and run unabashedly on the Estatoe Trail in full regalia. It was a gorgeous, warm day to be in the forest.
 Good ninjas always check the map first! Braydn was my unofficial assistant, not really wanting to be in costume this year.
 Tree climbing ninjas.
 Can you spot the ninja? No, well, then I guess I'm a pretty darn, good ninja!
 I found a really, big leaf and it took the place of my sword for a bit.
Rock Climbing Ninja!

Picking Pumpkins

 Balancing Act!
 Pumpkins make good lounge chairs!
Traditionally we visit the Methodist churches' annual 'Pumpkin Patch" to get our jack-o-lantern pumpkin. It's not really a pumpkin patch, but I don't know the difference and mom says the money is for a good cause. They had some really, really big pumpkins this year. Mom and I got a fairly big one, costing $11.00 We plan to carve it on Halloween Day, which is one more sleep away. 

Bike Path Fun

 The fairly new bike path runs from just outside downtown Brevard all the way into the Pisgah Forest. It's  really special. I met up with Benj and Adam at St. Tim's Church to ride the section behind the hospital to the Parks and Recreation fields. The weather was amazing and fun was had by all!
 The mom's were usually looking at the back of our heads, or should I say helmets, as we zoomed along the path.
 When we arrived at the playground near the softball fields, we parked our bikes, removed our helmets and got down to some see-sawing, swinging and sliding.
 A bike parade! Our pal Charlotte met-up with us via stroller.
Since we were so close to the softball fields we had a run around the bases. Mommy had brought my soccer ball and we had a fun game of kickball too. I loved sliding into home plate! 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Mimi

It was Mimi's birthday, bu I was getting all the presents! Mimi bought me the requested Ninja costume and she made for me, by her own two hands, the very awesome Court Jester costume!  I have had my heart set on the ninja for many weeks now, but I sure do like the face paint aspect of the jester AKA "joker" costume. I 'm thinking I will have an opportunity to wear the both this Halloween season.