Monday, June 28, 2010

Baelynn Turns Two

POOL PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love being in the middle of all the action!

Cousin Gwynn was the only person to master the Giant Duck.

The birthday girl, Baelynn Dixon, turns two surrounded by her friends, family and lots of ducks.

I LOVED my first cupcake ever. The blue icing was tops.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Friendly Pig

This pig must be named "Charlotte" cause she was real nice. This is the last of the zoo photos. Hope you enjoyed reading about my first trip to the zoo. I didn't get any photos of my favorite spot in the zoo, the Reptile Hut. I really enjoyed watching a big rattle snake slither around right up close to the glass, poking his tongue out at me constantly. Very neat!

The Alligator's Lair

Mommy was really into the alligator and his giant turtle pals, but me, not so much. I prefered the pink flamingoes that lived in the pond nearby the gators. They were pink and loud and moved around a lot, unlike the gator. He seemed to be more like the bronze statues we saw earlier, dead!

Help! I'm Going to Get Eaten By a Lion!

Not really eaten, I'm just being silly, like the lion with a water fountain in his mouth, now that's silly!

Bronze Animals Live at the Zoo Too

I was scared of these two animals at first, but I soon learned they were harmless!
Did you know that LION rhymes with RION? Pretty cool I think. Doesn't that bear look like he's going to really get me? Psyche!

A Trip to the Greenville Zoo

Since it was just mommy and me on this trip, she had to get a bit creative in her photo taking. I was teetering on a ledge in order for her to get me in these shots. The elephants and giraffe's were quite active on this very hot Tuesday afternoon. Of course, they are use to living in Africa, so Greenville, SC should be nothin'. I was super excited to see the lions but they did not return the excitement, so we didn't get a photo.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Grandma and Grandad Return to N.C.

Grandma and Grandad, AKA "Pa", have returned to their home in Asheville after spending the winter in FL. I went up to visit after dropping "Hay" off at the airport on Friday. Grandma got out the hose and we had a grand time watering the plants, and each other!

Rion's Reaction to NZ Tieing Italy

Friday, June 18, 2010

Cousin Hayden Makes Himself Useful

I thought all the family in NZ would enjoy this photo. Proof that Cousin Hayden is a "very useful engine", I mean man. Sorry, too much Thomas videos for me!

Fridays at the Shoals Part III

Now I know how an island feels.

Chillin' with my pal Bro.

Fridays at the Shoals Part II

I'm signalling to mum that the people are wearing helmets. I was soooo excited to see horses at the Shoals. Mum didn't beleive me when I said, "s", "s", but she turned and looked and there they were, in the water with me! Fantastic.

I moved a big rock and out jumped a spider, right onto my foot. For some odd reason mum screamed and grabbed me up. The spider didn't seem phased, he just stopped and posed for this photo.

I love to walk all the way to the waterfall in the background.

I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to throw rocks.

Alsheska, the founder of the shoals, loads up her car and stroller every Friday with her three boys and the neighbors three girls. She wants to stay balanced I guess. She's a rock star!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

18 Months

I went to the doctor on June 9th for my 18 month check-up. All was well and it seems I'm moving up in the percentile race. I weigh 24.6 lbs, 30% and am 32 inches high, the 40%. The mean nurse gave me a shot, I was MAD!

Monday, June 14, 2010


The Pool is now Open for Summer!

I love to splash around in my own personal pool. I also enjoying chewing on popsicle sticks and not having to wear clothes. Summer is grand!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Baby Einstein

Mum says I either resemble a future genius, like Einstein, or a future psycho, like Charles Manson. What do you think?
I think Mum was taking advantage of my exceptionally dirty hair that day and the fact I'd just ran my very dirty hands through it, and used me as a pawn to amuse herself.

White Squirrel Festival 2010

Our fist White Squirrel Fest in the shop was a huge success. Oh, I apologize this message is a bit delayed, the festival was Memorial Day Weekend. It was FULL ON, and I pretty much missed it all, except for a few hours of music on Sunday. Here are so photos of the other members of my family enjoying the festivities.
Mum sports the new Kiwi Gelato t-shirts. Pretty snazzy!

Dad and Hayden after a very long day of making, scooping and collecting cash!

The t-shirt says it all! Hayden wants to get a cap like Ann Marie's shirt. She's our kiwi friend who also lives in Brevard.

Napping on the Go

I just love to go for a ride in the bike trailer. The wind blowing, birds chirping and....zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Monterra's Big Trip East

Rhonda, Chuck and the Bubba's, Dominic and Luca, came all the way from Denver, Co to spend the day with me, well, kind of. They were spending time with MiMi and Pop-pop at the lake and thought it wise to come over the mountain to Brevard. It was a fun visit for sure. Can't wait until I can get to CO for a return visit.
Mommy, Aunt Chanley, Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Chuck

Dominic, Luca, Arawen and Me

Dominic, Me, Luca and Arawen
(did I get it right guys?)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Mommy's Happy Little Boy on a Sunny Day in June

Hey Baby

Hey Baby. How're you doin'?
(insert Joey from friends voice)

Brevard Music Center Here I Come

I've been practicing my orchestra conductor moves this spring in preparation for this summer's Brevard Music Center debut. How do I look?