Monday, March 30, 2009

Four Months

I am four months old today. I posed for Mommy with all my New Zealand toys in celebration of the big day. Getting bigger is really fun. I've been really into my hands, but now, I think I may favor my feet. They are so cool. The rugby ball is from our friend Amy-Rae. I just missed meeting her this summer when she was staying with Mommy and Daddy. She left in October, missing my arrival by just over a month. Thanks for the cool toy Amy-Rae. The penquin is from Auntie Denise. She works at the Antartic Center in Christchurch. The lamb is actually from America, although we all know New Zealand sheep are the best. Daddy told me today that the Crusaders actually won over the weekend. Finally! Happy Birthday to me!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


We like to call these photos: Small, Medium and Large:) I had a great time visiting with my cousins in Charlotte. Cousin Asher is so sweet. He really puts up with us little ones, not an easy task for a cool teenager.

New Friends

I like to make new friends, especially new lady friends. This is Mommy's good friend Ashley Conrad. She was so easy to get along with, in fact the first thing she did when she met me was change my diaper. Pretty cool. I like a hands-on woman.

Road Trip

Me, Mommy, Arawen and Chanley loaded up the car and headed to the big city on Sunday. Our first stop was Freedom Park, Mommy's old stomping grounds. We met Aunt Brandi and Cousin Ben (first cousin once removed). It was a gorgeous spring day. Things in Charlotte seem to bloom a lot ealier than in Brevard. If you look close you can see my wee foot sticking out of the stoller.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Guiness Foul

I can't beleive it! They served Guiness in a plastic cup! It's blarney! Guiness should be served in it's proper pint glass, especially on this day, the day dedicated to the enjoyment of Guiness. Woe is me!

A Very Happy St. Patrick's Day Almost

St. Patrick's Day 2009. A beautiful, sunny day in Brevard, N.C. Mommy and I got dressed in our finest greenery, picked-up our friend Mai, and headed out to Dupont Forest for a hike, and perhaps a chance to find a leprechaun fairy (I've heard they like to frolick in the waterfalls). It was truly glorious, reveling in the sunshine after 4 days of rain. Later, we met up with Aunt Chanley, Uncle Harvest and Cousin Arawen for a pint at the newly renovated Dugan't Pub. All was well in the world, until.... (see above)

The Plight of the Leprechaun- Chapter 1- Captured

Good Day. My name is Rion Layton Coadwell, and I am a Leprechaun. This is a story about what happened to me, St. Patrick's Day 2009, the day I was captured and could not flee.

It all started in the American town of Brevard, a nice wee place, said to be filled with many a friendly face. I found the perfect spot in Pisgah National Forest, to hide my gold, and be the better for it. But as I was digging the chosen hole, this woman snuck up and grabbed a tight hold. She whispered threats in my ear, I thought she might just bite it off, yet I remained calm, cool and soft.

Chapter 2 Give Me Back My Hat, Please

The American woman handed me over to her man, he thought if he took my hat, he'd have the upper-hand. I kept my cool, and asked that fool, "Dear sir, I detect in your voice, a bit of annoyance, I so hate to disappoint, how may I be of assistance?" "Wee Leprechaun, times are tough, the ecomomy is in the crapper, if I could find your pot of gold, I'd be much more happier." "I see, I see, and I empathasize, so if you return my hat, I'll be able to ease your cries." As he released his hold and reached for the hat, I jumped out of his arms and attempted to scat. But that man was quick, like an All-Blacks kick, and I did not get away, oh drat!

Chapter 3 Give Peace a Chance

The big bloke with the kiwi accent has taken me into custody under the laws of the leprechaun legend. "Give me your gold", he screams, as he crushes my wee arms. "Force will not work in 2009," I proclaim. "There is change in this land, in fact, Quantamino is closing. Torture me if you like, but I think we can come up with more peaceful resolutions." And with that I looked up into his softening eyes and grabbed the opportunity to take him by surprise. I vanished as quickly as I had appeared, maybe he'll find me again, when his tears have all cleared.

Chapter 4 Moral of the Story

May the luck of the Irish be with you today,
and if you do catch a leprechaun for gold you do not have to pay.
But watch out, this wee man likes to pretend and play,
and although quite cute his looks just delay
your ability to think and snatch that loot away!

My name is Rion and I ain't denyin',
there is treasure to be had from this wee lad,
for I am part kiwi, and we like to say, "Good as Gold, Mate!",
better luck another day.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday Morning

I love Sunday mornings, especially rainy ones. Mommy, Daddy and I hang-out in our pajamas, relaxing and listening to NPR. Someone cooks-up a yummy breakfast and all is good in the world.

Play Date Play Boy

Well, it seems Mother Nature can not make up her mind, just like a woman! The weather turned chilly once again, and the rain came in, but luckily we were invited to a play date, enabling us to get out of the house. My friend Adeline had the crew over. I was the youngest playster, but as you can see, not the least popular by any means. Brevard is full of lovely ladies, what's a guy to do? Oh, my wingman in the photo is Miles. He is going on six months old. We get along great.

The ladies are Adeline (back row), Nora, Ellie and Greysen. I think Ellie likes me, what do you think?

Feels Like Spring

Exactly one week after the big snow of 2009 Aunt Brandi came to visit on a gorgeous warm March day. It was about 40 degrees warmer than the weekend before, quite a difference. Aunt Chanley made lunch and we sat outside eating alfresco, then loaded up into Brandi's SUV and headed to the Pilot Mountain trailhead. Uncle Harvest and Cousin Arawen ended up stopping half way to boulder on some rocks and take a nap in the sunshine. Brandi, Chanley, mommy and I continued the trek to the very top. We were all pretty sweaty when we teached the peak! Chanley set the timer on the camera and we got this shot of us together overlooking 360 degree views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was a perfect day. I love when Aunt Brandi comes to visit. She is so much fun.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


March 8, 2009- I've had my eye on those dangling bits for weeks now. I can finally grab them and pull. If I pull hard enough the lights and music play.


March 7, 2009

3 Months

February being a short month, I didn't officially turn 3 months old until March, so Daddy says. I'm learning lots of new things now that I've reached the 90 days mark. I can drool a lot, stand-up with help of course, grab for things and have added several new vowel and consonant combinations to my speech repertiore. I squeal in delight when Daddy makes noises on my bare belly. I can even kick my butterfly friend when I'm on my back. Don't worry it doesn't hurt him, I don't kick too hard. Tuesday I went to the doc and got two more shots. Not fun! I weighed in at 13lbs and 2 ounces, chubby.

Rub a Dub Dub

This picture is actually a bit old. I don't even need the baby tub any more. Mom and Dad just help me out in the big boy bath. I love to splash and thrash in the warm water. Mimi said I looked like an angel in this photo. I won't mention what Pop Pop said, but it has something to do with me being a boy.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tummy Time

I just wanted to show you how well I can push my head up and keep it up. Mommy and Daddy insist on 'Tummy Time" everyday, and now that my neck is stronger I kind of like tummy time, even though it's work. Now that I've turned 3 months old, I'm sure I'll just stronger and stronger. I can push myself over onto my back from this position, but have not figured out how to roll back over to my tummy. That's my next big challenge.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Butterfly Friend

I have a new friend. His name is Butterfly. He's very colorful and makes music. Sometimes mommy will tie a ribbon to my foot and connect Butterfly and me. That way, I can control the his music making. I love Butterfly and he loves me too.

March Madness

Like the old saying goes: March roars in like a lion, and leaves like a lamb. Not sure about the the lamb bit yet, but the lion is bit is right on! We got 5 inches of snow on the first day of March at the lake in South Carolina, very unusual. It was fun though. Mimi made fresh snow cream for dessert that night. We are all hoping for more spring like weather now. Winter? Been there, done that!